Christi Carlson

A102 November Newsletter

About Me: 

I am a wife to Mike of 22 years, mother to my 17 year old son Cole, a teacher at Calvary, and I love the Lord!

Birthday: February 10

What do you do at Calvary?  

Teach Preschool

How did you come to Calvary and how long have you been here?        

MOPS when my son Cole was young This is my 11th year

What is your educational background and training?     

Early Childhood

Where were you born and raised?      

Southern California

What is your favorite memory from your time at Calvary Christian School?   

Having my son Cole on campus with me

Who have been the biggest spiritual influences in your life?    

My In-Laws


My Favorite Things Include:

Store:         Nordstrom Rack/Target Fruit: Watermelon, Strawberries, & Pineapple
Breakfast goodie: Sausage Egg McMuffin or Egg Bites Candy Bar: Hersheys Bar
Drink: La Croix and Water Soda: Diet Root Beer
Fast Food: In-n-Out Restaurant: Jalapenos
Flower: Sunflower Dessert: Brownies
Bible Verse: Isaiah 40:31 Color: Red & Yellow
Music/Artist Rock n Roll/Worship